Monday, May 10, 2010


Last weekend is a new experience for me, it is an excited thing that i could join ILMAGI (Ikatan Lembaga Mahasiswa Indonesia) again. ILMAGI is an organisation which concern about nutrition and it's member are from Bachelor Degree Nutrition Student Asosiation. Now, ILMAGI consist of thirteen universities such as: UGM, IPB, UNDIP, UB, UI, UNHAS, UNS, UHAMKA, UIEU, STIKBA JAMBI, STIKES, RESPATI.

In 7th, 8th, and 9th of May we met and discussed about our next project, GBHO, PTO, and some meeting rules... We did it in Lecture Hall and Auditorium of GMSK in our university.

It is fun to know that there are so many type of people that join this organisation. The origin of them usually reflect from it's gesture, how the way they talk, etc... Since IPB is one of national and diversity school but there are so many urban influence to them and make them "GAUL" in Bahasa. So their culture rupture little by little...

I join in Infokom Division and i am the eldest hehe... Feel like young again...

That is my little review, I will love to write about IPB's member in ILMAGI who are professional to join this organisation...
Here are the list of IPB delegation :
1. Saskia Piscesa "07" as SEKJEN ILMAGI
2. Adiarti Nursasanti 07 as CO.SECRETARY
3. Panji Azahari "07" as CO.HUMAS
4. M Renandra 07 as Infokom staff
5. Novrianti PW 07 as Secretary staff
5. Aomi Hazelia 07 as finance staff
6. Emillia Rahmariza 07 as finance staff
7. Anita Lusia Dewi 07 as PENGABMAS staff
8. Ksatriadi 08 as HUMAS Staff
9. Desiani Rizki 08 as finance staff
10. Alna Hotama 08 as PSDM staff
11. Evi 09 as IAD staff
12. Nisa 09 as HUMAS stafflupa
13. Bibi Ahmad as Finance staff
14. Teguh Jati as PENGABMAS staff
15. Eko Gunawan as IAD staff
here is our lil photo

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