Monday, December 3, 2012

Wide Panorama from the Height

Happy year end, starting yesterday, we entered the last of the month which is December. Nowadays,  I am less experiencing or doing something new like cooking or coming to the event because of the rough schedule.  I dunno why, many of relatives celebrate their wedding ceremony in these last three months. Oh, that is not so important thing. (the first paragraph is a confession one).

Like we all know, most of the people love to travel. And every destination which is famous usually have a spot or place where the tourist can reach the top level to see the panorama around. And it is not unusual thing anymore because everyone want to feel and to see everything in one scene. These are the building that i visited since 2007 where i can see city or view from the rooftop.

From petronas tower (KL)

From white snake temple (Zhenjiang)

From the Peak (HK)

Actually there are some pictures more from National Monument Jakarta and Tokyo Tower but i forgot where it keep. So, from some of the panorama, the most interesting view that i experienced is from the White Snake Temple. Why? The first thing is to reach the top level, there is no elevator to be used. All of visitor must using the really tall stair made of wood. And we must share the stair altogether with the visitor who will go down when we climb up. Can you imagine, if all races is having big and tall body. I think it will be no match for the temple stair size. After we go down, its really exhausting but at least it is paid, the view up there is really brilliant. 

The tower gate
Its like what it told in the story. The temple was surrounded by the flood of water which is cast by the white snake spell when she was trapped in that tower. Then, the panorama which you can see from the roof top is so many small island, long bridge which i dunno the name, small town in a far side, and a refreshing air.

And the panorama which i least like is from the tokyo tower. Yeah, actually i did not pay more for the highest level. But, there is so many things like a net, probably iron if you want to get pictured in the window. So it is not really recommended.

Hopefully more places to go after this. Ciao

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